Is he or is he not... TRUSTWORTHY?


I kinda read Cosmopolitan few days ago, cuz one girl told me there were topics worth to read. After I read it.. whatta f*cking bullshit they are feeding to women's mind? BLAH! Something like.. "how to see the signs, is the guy interested" or "how you know that the guy is really into you". 

I know this may sound a bit ruff but this is the ugly truth. MOST of the guys.. thinks with their penis. Ofc there's some exceptions but since the style of nowadays is "fast dating", this is the result, PENIS = BRAINS. Okay here comes 3 facts again. There's 3 kind of guys in this world:

ONES that know they can't get better and tries to keep the girl satisfied, they are trustworthy because they are afraid to loose.. They wont fool around!

ONES that chases the girls, always tryna update to the "latest model". They can't get enough of one, sometimes they pull too many strings at the same time, so propably they always call you BABE just not to confuse with the names. Never trust these ones, not worth to spend the time on them. One night stand is okay but if you're looking forward to relationship, get over it!

and the LAST ONES that knows where the line goes, those guys has been through those "playfull" times already and know what they are capable of. Wanting to settle down and keeping that woman satisfied. You, Ladies, have to put some effort in these guys to keep them happy cuz if they don't feel it, they will walk it out. They know exactly what they want, how they want and with who they want. So believe me when I say, trust them, endure them, and make it last for long. + these men are hard to find unless they are over 30y =D

THERE'S NO SUCH A THING AS SIGNS! If the guy wants to date you, he will make it happen. If the guy wants to call you, he will ask your phone number. If the guy wants to fuck you, he will propably talk BS with you. And if you think something he is doing is the sign, forget it.. HE WILL TELL YOU THAT HE LIKES YOU WHEN HE IS READY unless his actions says more than words! But if you like him and you are unsure about his thoughts, show him with your actions, You can cook for him, every guy loves food.. TRUST ME!


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