Work hard, lay low..


Been busy with the gym lately, I started working out since monday. UFF I'm broken from every part of my body but I guess it's worth it. Work + gym = no free time at all! But I guess, it's time to tell you a story.. A story about how and why the guy turns to be a PLAYER..

Behind every PLAYER is the sad story, before he was player or on the time he was a player. Every player falls for their game once in a while.. Feels the love when caught up in their own game. And end up being hurt.. That's when the monster borns! Either player was being hurt or his selfconfidense is fucked up! Believe me I know. Guys are like hunters, we have a need to hunt new preys after catching one. Ofc there comes a time when guys want to settle down.. It's just a big question mark that when ? Some player changes to be better ones after they regret their doings but I think some of 'em won't even change. It's up to ourselves how we act and what we cause with our actions.

Feel free to tell ask, or suggest some topics you want me to discuss about :)

Peace out!

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