Putting a guy in FRIENDZONE is so WRONG!

Sry for not posting anything new lately, been so busy with everything and had a evening shift week.. finally FREE DAY!

So I got a request to write about "Friendzone" which is pretty bullshit if u ask me. I know u may think that my opinion is wrong but I guess I can't change my way of thinking of it. 

What the fuck is going in the girls' mind when they put the guy in that zone. Do they really think the guy is going to stay there for them after opened up about their feelings. Do girls really expect the guy to shut down all those feelings and be just normal like they used to? I don't think so.
I hear girls' saying this too often: "You are too good friend, I really don't want to lose you." Well let me make it straight up girls. YOU HAVE ALREADY LOST HIM WHEN YOU PUT HIM IN FRIENDZONE. Like I said in earlier post, the possibility of a guy and a girl being friends is like 1 in 10 thousand. Unless! You have had something with him and both agree that it doesn't work, OR a guy is a gay, OR the smallest miracle has happened to ur friendship.

Let me tell what's gonna happen after being friendzoned. FIRST the guy is going to TRY to act like he has never felt anything for you. You still talk sometimes because he is still keeping high hopes that you might change your mind.. SO if you are still thinking about keeping him in that zone, make it clear to avoid misunderstandings. AND if you might change ur mind, let him know right away because it's not too late. SECOND is that he doesn't talk to you that often anymore, maybe sometimes when he sees you he says Hi and ask about your life but nothing more than that.. and in the end u don't even keep in touch anymore.. A guys' mind is simple, try to get what you want and if you don't get it.. get away from it and avoid it. 

Here's the tip for girls. You really don't want to friendzone a guy, believe me.. But to keep it simple and nice: Keep the sparkle between you2 but don't make a fuzz about it. Even if there were more guys. I mean don't flirt but just keep the guys' interest on, that's how you can keep them close enough.. BUT nothing lasts forever.. For example: Make the guy like you but not too much, don't talk with him too much because that's making him coming too close which makes him like u or dislike you.. a distance is good sometimes, to avoid situations where things end up like shit!

To the next time then my loves :) 

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