Freaking cold Finland!

Been busy couple days so now I managed to write another post ^__^ yay! So.. It's weekend and at last I can sleep well tonight, been sleeping badly for this whole week and been too tired after work to post something in here

It's freaaaaking cold out there right now. -10 at nights and days are something around -2. Everyday waking up by 5 and have to run to work almost right after waking up '__'  That's what I do daily. Shitty life isn't it!

cold as f#cked

I'm planning to start the gym once again in next week, hopefully I won't quit this time like those other times (lack of motivation). I was thinking, "why don't I allow myself some private and enjoying time". Always been a kind of a guy that goes more with other peoples life, in this case.. GIRLS! Never though much for myself and I know that my actions tells another story than what I'm saying right now. So let the "Learn to love yourself" be the topic of the day!

They say "you can't love another unless you learn to love yourself". I somehow start to understand this phrase more since I've been thinking for myself. You have to let yourself do what you like, do what you love.. no matter what people says. And if someone can share that all with you, it's just a big bonus to it. DO NOT change your opinions and actions for another one unless they prove you wrong. Here's an example: You drink often, you go partying often.. There's no wrong in it if you are single.. BUT if you are in relationship, put yourself into your loveone's boots, then maybe you can see the world differently. If they did the same things you did, how would you feel. Okay, we are individual, we feel different way but open up your heart and ears for another one. Sometimes we don't understand why they wanna change us but most of the time, they only think GOOD for us. I somehow now got lost from the topic.

So back on to it. I can't say that all women but most of them, likes when man can be selfconfident, that the man knows exactly what he wants and what he likes. How is it builded up? By giving yourself time to know yourself, your interest and your likes. The man who can take care of himself, not only in financial way but in everyway in life, can get the girl just like that. You know why? Because women has the need to be taken cared off! At least at the start, can't guaranteen the ending of the story =D Because most of the time the table turns around. Learn to love yourself has another meaning too: Learn to take care of yourself, to care about yourself. Wish it was that easy. I never go shopping to buy something for myself, okay can't say never but maybe once in one year. When I'm in relationship, I'm selfish in some things but when it comes to caring, I always care for another person so I forget about myself. And the time when I start to think for myself, I will forget about another. Why it can't be balanced? Maybe it's the beauty of loving, you have to learn it just to do it. 

So this was just a small piece of the cake. I'll bite it bigger next time! Gotta get some sleep before work!
Til next time!  




 I'm new so y'all propably don't know me yet. So I started over a new blog just to write mostly about my life experiences, my point of view to the things like.. let's make that THING today's topic. You people call it love, I call it an illusion to trick us daily. And ofc I DO believe in love too but tell me when u recognize that it's real? Is it when you hold someone's hand and u feel ting-a-ling in ur tummy? I used to think that I know what love is but you know, holding on to it is the ruff part in relationship. And mostly NOT GETTING LOST on the road of love.

There's 3 facts about guys, that y'all girls should know by now. If you don't know it yet, I bet you will! Hopefully opening this pandora box won't shock your world too much. 

FIRST we all guys look at other girls, it's a human nature to feel being attracted by another sexual gender. If someone has a nice ass or just big juicy tits, it's a pleasant to watch. Girls shouldn't get mad at us, can watch but don't touch, right?

SECOND I bet it's hard to find, not impossible but hard to find a guy who doesn't watch porn. SERIOUSLY! If a guy says to the girl that I never watch porn, really baby, I never do. Then I bet he is a liar or an effing saint. BUT there is an exception becuz if you GIRL please your man everyday, everynight, I bet he doesn't need to do that right? So know you know how to make your man stop doing it if you don't like him doing it. 

THIRD every guy has cheated once in their life. In words or in physical way. And this is a true story. Don't judge the guy for the games he had played but more like hope that the guy has changed the game before he met you or at least after met you. Some of us, has been hooked up in the game, it's not that easy to change but I do believe that there's always that ONE girl that can sweep off our asses to the floor and make us think again about our life. 

So there was the three facts that will always remain in man's history. Back to the topic.. 

Sometimes we think we truly love someone, from the bottom of our hearts but why the heck are we doing mistakes relationship after relationship. Guys caught up cheating, girls caught up cheating.. fights fights, make up to breakup. Jumping from one sinking ship to the next sinking ship. It's almost always like this: first year, the guy is the sweetest you've ever known. He does everything for you, be everywhere and everything for you. Says sweet things to make you happy, that's what I used to be. Then slowly the guy changes, becomes a emotionless dickhead who doesn't wanna go anywhere, just want to chill and be by himself. I have wondered why guys even fall into the path of cheating. I think I figured it out: we love the first year feeling, feeling of falling in love, that our action has an effort to the girl. But we never try to build it again with the ones we fell in love already, how come? I guess we know already the reaction of our girls, that it doesn't feel so special anymore. 

But sry for running out of time this time. I will be back for the next time, continuing this topic or changing the topic, let's see what mood I'm on.. TO BE CONTINUED