Had a great date.. wait, why he didn't call again?

GIRLS, girls girls girls.. I know y'all wonder this damn question, maybe waiting by your phone or checking facebook inbox or something like that. Well let's face the facts first.

You had a great date, both were having good time and enjoying yourselves. You had a vibe that he might feel something for you.. You're not sure about it because otherwise you would be making actions already.. So on the date.. Did he ASK ABOUT YOU ? Or did he just talk about himself most of the time. Was he a gentleman or more like giving you 2minded talks? Now, rewind to the moment when you discussed about going to date. Did he ask you on the date? Or did you just say "Hey we should meet up sometimes." Because if he did ask you on a date, you still may have a chance of winning. But if it was the second choice, n'aah the % of a succesful crush.. is minimal. 

imageOn a date, did you have those akward silence moments and both couldn't say a thing because the mind was running empty? THEN IT WAS NOT A GOOD DATE! Because on the first dates, you propably have so much things to discuss, because propably you don't even know the charming side of eachother yet. Unless the guy is shy, or you both are. But I think shy people would call back because they would love to give it a try. Because think about it, how many times do they get to go on the real dates? 

Guys are never unpolite unless they want to run away from the date, something like saying at the start already "I have to be somewhere at xx o'clock" <- AND THIS IS NOT ALWAYS LIKE THAT, so that you know.. sometimes guys really have some business to run to. But have you ever thought about that maybe they won't call you even you had a great date because:

  • You are not his type
  • You are too kind for him
  • You are too wild for him
  • You are way too ugly 

That was all about you but there was a more reasons to it like:

  • He is busy with works
  • He isn't looking for relationship
  • He is only looking for fun
  • He doesn't wanna ruin you
  • He just simply doesn't have time
  • He has a GIRLFRIEND 

http://healthyandbeloved.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/tumblr_lxt87uWoKs1r4cxtro1_500_large.jpgAnd if the case was that he promised to call you and he didn't call you after few days.. Have to thought about that maybe you are not the only one he is having a great date with. Think about it! And after all is up to you, you have to know their games to play their games!

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